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-Experts in Optical Networks- BKtel Pacific Rim (Japan) Inc.
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Company Profile

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Since we have started selling products from BKtel Communications GmbH through a dealer in 2003, we have gained the highest market share of CATV external modulated transmitters in Japan, due to our high quality and reliability of products have been highly recognised.

Nowadays, the situations of Japanese CATV market, such as convergence telecommunication and broadcasting, digitalisation of terrestrial TV, and FTTH, is changing day by day and proposals of diversification of network systems and services are demanded too.

Under these circumstances, to maximise technical support to our customers in Japan, and to work closely with Japanese CATV manufacturers to offer new network product, BKtel Pacific Rim (Japan) Inc. was founded on 29th October 2007 in Yokohama.

Introducing HUBER+SUHNER BKtel GmbH’s favourite Optical transmission equipments and optical network systems as the core products, as well as collaborating with other manufacturers, we would like to offer unique and attractive solutions.
Moreover, we would like to keep contributing to the society by offering highly reliable and maintained products.


President : Kiyoshi Takeichi

 Company Profile
Company Name: BKtel Pacific Rim (Japan) Inc.
Corporate View: The objects of the Company shall be to engage in the following businesses:
1. To develop and manufacture the Telecommunication equipments and related components
2. To import and export and sell the Telecommunication equipments and related components
3. To do the consultant and design and installation business related to the Telecommunication
4. To do any and all businesses related or incidental to any of the foregoing businesses.
Foundation: 29th October 2007
President: Kiyoshi Takeichi
Employee Number: 5 people (As of August 2023)
Location: Katsukou Building 5F
1-2-8, Hourai-cho, Naka-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0048
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Capital: 10,000,000 YEN
Branch of Accounted Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Yokohama Central Branch
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